Отзывы об отеле Primoretz

Страны / Болгария (Bulgaria) / Бургасская область (Burgas Province) / Бургас (Burgas) / Primoretz 3*
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Наталья - Vlana написала 24 мая 2011 в 12:20


The hotel is a total disaster except for it's design and interior. Poor service, breakfast from supermarket, unprofessional SPA personnel, garbage under the bed, etc. We booked the hotel for 14 days but could “survive” only 3 days and left the hotel for another 5 star hotel in Pomorie in absolute disappointment...

1. Transfer from the airport
Hotel has a transfer service from/to airport and we decided to use it. The cost is almost 2 times higher then getting a taxi but we hoped for more comfort. To our bitter disappointment all we got was an ordinary city taxi and not a hotel car (for the price twice as higher).

2. Rooms
We booked a Deluxe Room. According to the hotel web-site, the deluxe rooms have “...big bedroom and sea view”. But the hotel receptionist gave us the room with the seaport and old roofs view. Off course that was not the room we expected and we asked the receptionist to change it. But it turned out that the sea view rooms cost 10 Euros more per night. We had nothing to do but agree with the new conditions and moved to a new room. This room was served for 1 person and we hoped the hotel stuff will provide everything for the second person at once. But it took us 2 more days to get one more robe, slippers, blanket and towel set.
The room itself was OK. Comfortable bad, new TV, good furniture except that there was no any hygienic shower and confusing electrical commutation.
And I can't even imagine that a 5 star hotel would allow garbage under the bad.

3. Meal
We heard that hotel has poor breakfasts. But it was more then poor – it was even worse then a 3 star hotel breakfast somewhere in Berlin. All the food is from the nearby supermarket. Packaged juices, not fresh fruits, etc. And no hot or cold milk – you've got to ask a waiter anytime you want some milk in your tea.

4. SPA and wellness
The hotel positions itself as a SPA and wellness complex. And that's true except that the “salt lake” appeared to be a 2x2 miters pool with unacceptably hot water. There's one more pool but it contains just ordinary (over chlorinated !!) water and not the sea water (as you may expect from a sea hotel).
The fitness room is not free for hotel guests. You've got to pay extra to have some running or workout.
SPA personnel is terribly unprofessional. We paid for mud application (so called “gloves” for the hands) and it seemed that it was the first time they did it. Moreover the procedure was made not in a duly equipped place where you can relax but in the public place nearby the saunas where everyone is going in and out in swimsuits and you're sitting in your clothes.

5. Location
The hotel is located 15 minutes from the city center nearby the park. But it doesn't have it's own beach and it's too close to the sea port, so the place is not clean and comfortable for swimming enough.

So my comment is that I would ever recommend that hotel for anyone. Except for it's design and interior there's nothing to help you relax and enjoy your stay.