Russian social network for tourists and adventures

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Travel objective

Our mission: «Plan, rest and share your opinions!»

About - first social network in the Russian Internet for tourists and adventures, a service that makes easy to share experience (photo, stories, hotels advices, travel plans; in future - video) about the vacation time.

Russian web segment (also called 'Runet') doesn’t have truely popular Web 2.0 tourist sites. is for those who work much and travel over the world the rest of their time while being always connected with friends and other travellers. Our service can help people meet up in the place where planned to go. Or you can to browse the list of those who plan to visit your native town in the nearest days, or chat with people who stayed in the hotel you plan to stay too, or find out the travel mates, or look out feedbacks about interesting places to travel.

User services and possibilities

Every registered TourOut member can:

- Find people you traveled with or plan to travel with.

- Use interactive resort maps with description marks, browse hotel photos, shots of other travelers to deside, visit it or not.

- Read feedbacks of the tourists и travelers about their time off in all countries, regions and resorts of the world, read opinions about tour companies and operators.

- Lookup the info about a place or hotel you’ve chosen to stay in.

- Add you own travel stories, shots and opinions.

- Manage your own travel map that visually displays the places you’ve visited. And lots more. 

Project development stages

1. Developed so far: site engine, disign, registration, avatar, user profile and settings, location bindings, hotels, interactive maps, Google maps based on Google Maps API, places creation, profiles browse, friend invitation, favorite countries, site copy (17,000 hotels with their photo galleries and general description), function «My Travels» and albums, site inner email system, search and adding of travel mates, seeing who online travellers, groups, blogs and theme tour communities, more than 2 000 sightseeing poins with descriptions, maps, photos and people list, visited this point, extended people search and feedback system, people opinions search engine.

2. In progress: travel constructor and extended inviting person system.

Realization time schedule, planned visitors day/number: 20.04.2009 – finish testing and final lauch with more, than several thousands russian visitors per day.

Russian designed by PDG Group (Portal Design Group). Our other projects,,,,, with total number over 2 millions unique visitors per month.

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Technical director: Bublikov Andrey (request to content questions)


Tel/Fax: +7 (812) 622 17 62 St Petersburg Office

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